Join the conversation about the role of design in renewing our economy, public services, and society.

A conversation about the role of design in Canada’s pandemic response

Brought to you by Service Design Canada, the Canadian Chapter of the Service Design Network, this dialogue will explore the role of designers with an eye towards designing experiments that can help inform how we recover and renew our economy, public services, and society.

Covid-19 presents disruption at a scale beyond anything experienced in a generation. Hospitals are filling up. Businesses are shuttered. Schools are emptied. Many people are in need. Our society requires a powerful reboot to recover.

But is the pandemic also a time of opportunity? Can the changes we are experiencing provide opportunities to rethink what we value? How might designers contribute to the redesign of our public and private services as we look ahead to recover from the pandemic?

Join us online: Monday, April 6, 4-5 PM EST

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Design Resources


  • Friendly Neighbour hotline, connecting seniors with food and medicine. Projetc applies a service design approach in 48 hours and is lead by OpenLab
  • CivicTech Hub has rounded up a list of COVID-19 related projects from around the world.
  • Zahra Ebrahim and ER doctor Ilan Shahin developed a COVID-19 Toronto app to help find ways to get help, get assistance, and even have some fun in the spirit of community.
  • All Projects | Help With COVID 19 - a clearing house for projects and volunteers that want to help with the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Ample Labs
  • The Better Coalition Hub is hosting weekly virtual meetings to connect concerned residents directly with learnings from nonprofit leaders to help direct your support to where it’s needed most.  Next meeting: Thursday April 9 we’ll hear from Pamela Hart, Executive Director of Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto and Deepa Mattoo, Executive Director of Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.
  • InWithForward, with three disability providers, has launched CoMakeDo, digital experiences for neurodiverse folks at home, to bring learning, novelty and conviviality to the day. Anybody can host a digital experience! With Options Community Services, we’ve also launched eHuH, which enables newcomers to Canada to practice their English and build social connections while giving staff at home professional development opportunities.