Aleks Popov

Aleks Popov’s UX design case study, Inhale, was spotlighted on the Career Karma website. The case study was rated best project of the month.

Aleks Popov

I had the privilege of working with Aleks as a mentor during his work as part of UX Academy at Designlab. He has quickly developed his abilities a designer and I have been impressed by his desire to deepen his knowledge and skill in typographic design. He consistently pushes beyond the constraints of the project to challenge his ability to create designs that exceed the minimum expectations.

He sent me a note this weekend.

Career Karma website was spotlighted for this week. It’s one of the 10 best projects after voting. To be honest I’m so excited. I want to thank you for your input into this project and overall my experience with going through the DesignLab Academy. My project is number 2 on the list.


Built by Aleks Popov, a user interface designer in Seattle who attends Designlab, Inhale is a mockup for an application that helps people monitor and manage their asthma.
The Inhale asthma app has designed interfaces to track a user’s breathing patterns, medication, sleep patterns, symptoms, and other statistics relevant to people who suffer from asthma.
Inhale Asthma App | Best Project of Month | Career Karma
Asthma management & monitoring app...

Aleks Popov is a UX/UI Designer based in Seattle. He focuses on understanding people through empathy to design solutions to meet their actual needs. In his experience as a sales professional in the design industry, he learned the value of effective communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationships.

Aleks believes that the discipline of user experience design is a powerful tool to help people build design systems and create inspiring and enjoyable experiences. His mission is to help bring more creativity and good solutions into the world through web design.

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